why melghat?

Melghat is the hilly and forest region of nearly 350 small villages.

Known as one of the most underdeveloped regions in the Maharashtra state.

The main population is of Korku tribe, which is primitive and is marginalized from the development processes.

An estimated 5,000 tribal children died of malnutrition in Melghat between 1992-97.

Only in 1997 nearly 1,500 children died in Melghat due to malnutrition and lack of proper healthcare.

This was a shock to many people.

When the media picked up this shocking story, it generated a wave of criticism directed at the government and its inability to provide for the tribals who have inhabited the forests for centuries.

But that is where it ended.

No solutions were found.

There was nothing concrete in the wake of lip sympathy.

Until a group of curious social workers from Pune decided to penetrate into Melghat on a fact-finding mission.

In the rainy months of 1997, nearly 265 volunteers from 14 districts of Maharashtra went to live with those children and work with them to save these vulnerable children. The campaign was remarkably successful and volunteers realized that there is a need to have a permanent structure, which could respond to such emergencies.

With this need, Melghat Maitri, a trust was formed with a view to mobilize resources for the situations where people suffer due to poverty, ignorance and lack of proper healthcare.

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