Current Activities

Runathon of Hope - Half marathon by Rotary Club Nigdi

For past two years, young boys and girls from Melghat are coming to Pune to participate in 'Runathon of Hope', (half marathon) conducted by Rotary Club, Nigdi. "Maitri" a Pune based voluntary organization which works in Melghat is coordinating with these boys and girls.
We feel happy to share that few of them achieved good ranks in the Runathon last year. Two of them also got jobs in Forest Department due to their running skill.
This year 14 boys and girls are coming to Pune to particiate in the runathon in February 2018. Like every year, Tata Motors is making arrangements for their stay, diet, training and practice. However their travel, purchase of tracksuits & shoes is going to cost Rs 5500/- per person. Maitri needs to raise funds for this cause from sports loving friends like you.
We request you to extend some help towards this cause. We would be grateful to you if you can circulate this among your circles.

'Science with Fun' Workshop in Melghat

Ravindra and Sarita Godbole recently conducted a science workshop in Melghat. Both are parents of AksharNandan school in Pune and have also taken training from Arvind Gupta regarding 'science for kids'. Let's know more about the fun they have done with Melghat children, from their own words. 

'Maitri' arranged a workshop 'Science with Fun' in 4 school of Melghat from 4 to 7 Jan 2018. Some basic concepts of science were demonstrated through simple experiments with the help of material of day-to-day use. Each school had a 2 hours session in which 20 to 25 small science activities/ experiments were demonstrated. A few of them were performed by children by their own. Concepts like Air Pressure, Light, Colour, Sound and Energy Generation were discussed. The activities were fun for students up to 5th standard and it provided a platform to understand the science concepts for students of higher class.

Some glimpse of the workshop is available on 

On the last day, 3 hour session was conducted for local 'Village Coordinators' (Gavmitra) where they understood the experiemnts and performed the same. Detailed discussion was held with them about how to demonstrate experiments, how to search things from surroundings and conduct the experiments and lastly the importance of taking notes and writing observations. 


Special Thanks to Ram, Ashok, Ramesh and Ashwini for their help.

Next Steps

  1. Workshop for teachers of 7th to 10th standard - 2/3 days
  2. Training of Gavmitra and Planning of Activities for them
  3. Hands-on for Students

- Ravindra Godbole, Sarita Godbole