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Dhadak Mohim 2019-2020

This Health Program in Melghat aims at addressing basic problems related to the health, hygiene and nutrition in 12 villages. 

The main goals are 

  1. To teach cleanliness, hygiene in practical and feasible steps.
  2. To improve eating habits and cooking practices.
  3. To assess and have a measure of general, minor ailments of all age group.
  4. To help them inculcate systematic and scientific methods of solving minor complaints.

What is this program? How will it function? What are various activities? ..... Here are answers to some of such common questions.

A general health overview will be taken with reference to minor ailments like skin diseases, eye problems, cough/cold, Gynecological problems in adolescent girl or women, Vomiting/ loose stools/ sticky stools/ blood in stools, joint pains, Giddiness/ abnormal movements, dental issues etc.

We need volunteers especially medical students/ interns/ doctors and MSW students throughout the year for this program.

So contact anyone from the numbers below and confirm your participation.

Maitri Office               02025450882         Vinita Tatke    +91 9422521702 
Dr. Parvati Halbe     +91 9822014541

Maitri Shala 2019-2020

Well, 'Maitri Shala' , the Eductaion Program in Melghat gives an opportunity for you.      

What is this program?

We need a group of 4-5 volunteers every month for this program.

If you are interested to go to Melghat and participate in this, please choose time slot from following schedule as per your convenience.

13 - 19 July               3 - 9 August               14 - 20 September        12 - 18 October
23 - 29 November       21 - 27 December       18 - 24 January            15 - 21 February 
March & April - as per exam schedule

So, contact anyone from the numbers below and confirm your participation.

Maitri Office               02025450882         Shobha Kelkar    9423008769
Ashwini Dharmadhikari   9422025431           Omkar Bhopale   9823303065

'Maitri' Annual Program & 'Indradhanu 2019' Publication

या वर्षी मैत्रीचा वार्षिक कार्यक्रम १ जून संध्याकाळी ५:३० ते ८ या वेळा SM जोशी सभागृहामध्ये झाला.

पर्यावरण विषयातले तज्ञ लेखक अतुल देऊळगावकर हे प्रमुख पाहुणे होते. 'पर्यावरण बदल आणि आपण - मोठमोठ्या प्रश्नांची आपल्या टप्प्यातील छोटी उत्तरे, अर्थात हवामान बदला साठी नागरिकांचा कृती कार्यक्रम, या विषयावर त्यांनी मांडणी केली. 

डॉ. पार्वती हळबे यांनी प्रस्तावनेमध्ये आजच्या विषयाचा उद्देश स्पष्ट केला. नंतर जयश्री शिदोरे यांनी मैत्रीच्या मेळघाट व इतर कामांविषयी थोडक्यात आढावा घेतला. पवार पब्लिक स्कूलच्या शिक्षिका 'राजश्री पेशवे' यांनी 'रद्दीतून सद्दी' या मैत्रीच्या उपक्रमाचे त्यांच्या शाळेत चालणारे स्वरूप स्पष्ट केले. 'इंद्रधनू'चे प्रकाशन मा. पाहुण्यांच्या हस्ते झाले. अनिल शिदोरे यांनी पाहुण्यांची ओळख करून दिली व मा. अतुल देऊळगावकर यांनी त्यांचा विषय मांडला. त्यांचे भाषण या दुव्यावर ऐकता व पहाता येईल. 

२१ वर्षातील मैत्रीच्या कामाच्या अंनेक स्मृती जागवणारे फोटो प्रदर्शन बाहेर मांडले होते. अनेक जुन्या स्वयंसेवकांनी त्यात स्वतःला पाहून जुन्या आठवणींना उजाळा दिला. 

तसेच इंद्रधनू ची इ-प्रत या ठिकाणी तुम्ही पाहू शकाल.

या वर्षी मेळघाटातील गावांमध्ये सर्व वयोगटासाठी पुस्तक पेटी रुपी वाचनालय आपण सुरु करायचा संकल्प केला आहे. त्याकरता कार्यक्रमाला येणा-यांना आपण 'किमान एक पुस्तक आणून मेळघाटसाठी द्या' असे आवाहन केले होते. त्याला उत्तम प्रतिसाद मिळाला. 

कार्यक्रमाला मैत्री स्वयंसेवक तसेच विविध क्षेत्रातील मान्यवर व्यक्ती व कार्यकर्ते आले होते. या सर्वच हितचिंतक सुहृदांचे मनापासून आभार. 

Kerala Relief Work Story 3

A temporary home for Vanaja

Vanaja lives in Maitra colony with her two sons, Vipin and Vinu. Her husband was a toddy tapper and a union member. After he died 8 years ago, Vanaja worked as an EGS labourer. She gave up this work due to medical reasons. Her sons, Vipin who is a welder and Vinu, a construction worker, are the earners in the family.
Flood waters submerged their home under water for 6 days. She and her sons stayed on a neighbour’s roof until they were rescued and moved to the relief camps. Here, they stayed for 17 days.

They returned to Maitra to find their home badly damaged. The rear side of the house had collapsed. The building was also damaged inside. Vanaja had built this house on a loan taken from the village credit cooperative society. To get the loan, she had to submit her land ownership documents to the society. Without help from the government, it would be impossible for her to repair or reconstruct her home.

It was unsafe to stay in their homes and so Vanaja shifted to the neighbour’s home. Vipin used his welding skills to begin the construction of a temporary shelter. When we visited for the second time, he had already a structure ready. MAITRI helped by providing bricks for the side wall and tin sheets and plastic sheets for the roof. Cost Rs. 15,000/-

Kerala Relief Work Story 2

Helping Annie return home!

Life has not been kind to Annie the past five years. When her family decided to demolish their old home and build a new one, little did they know that things would take a turn for the worse. Two family members died within a short span. Annie and her brother’s son Jofy were left to repay two loans, each of Rs. 60 thousand, that they had borrowed from a local bank and a local credit society, for the construction of their new home.

Jofy, 30 years of age, became sick with rat fever. Half of the loan had to be spent on his prolonged treatment. Annie managed to build the foundation of the new house from the remaining money.

Annie herself was diagnosed with cardiac problem and was advised by her doctor not to do hard physical labour. Jofy, who is a construction site worker and Annie, an EGS labourer, could barely work to bring food on the table because of their illnesses.

Meanwhile, they applied to the Gram Panchayat for support under the government housing scheme. They put up some sort of temporary shelter until their new home was ready. This shelter was completely washed away by the floods. Annie and Jofy managed to patch up this structure with help from neighbours. However, with no clear indicators from the government about any compensation for the damage, it was clear that they needed to strengthen the shelter themselves.

With MAITRI’s help, Annie and Jofy would be able to build a stronger shelter that would last them at least 3-4 years.

There were tears in Annie’s eyes as we discussed the plan for her temporary shelter with her. MAITRI has provided 20 x 12 feet shelter, with 2 feet wall, concretized flooring, bamboo paneling for side walls and a plastic sheet and tin sheets for roof. MAITRI is also helping her with utensils and a cot. Cost: Rs. 45,000/- approximately.

Kerala Relief Work Story 1

Amaldas and his family are back home!

Amaldas, wife Sindhu, son Messy and daughter have repaired their home damaged by the floods with MAITRI’s help and are safe and secure.

Amaldas works as a labourer in a company that makes cement blocks. After the floods, the company was closed for a month and he was out of work. Though the company has started production, it is not fully operational and Amaldas works only for 3 days a week.

Amaldas received funds from the Gram Panchayat under the government housing scheme and had almost completed the construction of his home. During the floods, his house was completely submerged for 3 days. The water pressure damaged the corners of the building, causing the walls to crack and the roof to fall. The building became unsafe, forcing the entire family to move to Sindhu’s parents’ house.
Water had seeped in to such an extent that the house was still collapsing from the moisture when we visited. We asked him to bring down the roof tiles so as to prevent them from breaking.

Amaldas wanted a temporary shelter. However, in discussions with him, it emerged that with little help, his home could be repaired and made livable.

Amaldas spent his off days to work with his wife and son on the repairs of his home, and within 3 weeks, his home was ready to live in.

Materials - Rs 18,770 /- Labour - Rs 26,900 /-
Total - Rs 45670 /-  Maitri's Contribution - Rs 24,670 /-
Kerala Flood Relief Program

After hearing about the Keral disaster, Vinita Tatke and Shirish Joshi, two volunteers of Maitri went to see and review the situation. 2 more volunteers joined them later. They were also accompanied by 2 persons understanding the local language.

Shirish experienced in relief work during 8 natural disasters including Tsunami and Konkan floods and
Vinita, an expert in social analysis, who has an experience of working in similar conditions with MAITRI along with many international organisations. They spent 8 days to understand the situation and to decide what should be our direction to work for rehabilitation. Please read the details onघराकडे-परत-चला-मैत्री-चा-केरळ-पुरानंतरचा-प्रतिसाद-a200f74ade34


Check this appeal created by one vounteer for Kerala. 


Shirish and Vinita were sending us updtes about the happenings during their visit to the flood areas. We are making these updates available here. It would be good to read this to have better understanding of the situation and our chosen way of rehabilitation method.

२७ ऑगस्ट २०१८ “मैत्री” - केरळ पूरग्रस्त सहाय्य कार्यक्रम - वृत्तांत पहिला

केरळच्या महापूरग्रस्त भागात "मैत्री" चे दोन अनुभवी "मित्र" थोड्याच वेळात पोचतील.. शिरीष ज्यानी त्सुनामी, कोकण पूर अशा ८ राष्ट्रीय संकटात "मैत्री"च्या कामाचं नेतृत्व केलं आणि विनिता जिचा अशा कामाचा आंतरराष्ट्रीय संस्थांबरोबरचा अनुभव आहे असे दोघेजण आत्ता थोड्याच वेळात दाखल होतील.. घाई घाई करून काही तरी केल्यासारखं करून फोटो काढून घ्यायचे असं "मैत्री" कधीच करत नाही.. ते सविस्तर आढावा घेऊन कामाची दिशा (कुठे, काय, कसं, किती, केंव्हा करायचं?) ठरवतील. त्यांनी पाठवलेला पहिला "परिस्थिती अहवाल) ... *"आम्ही आज पहाटे केरळकडे निघालो. पूर व भूसखलनाने (landslides) झालेला विध्वंसाचे परिणाम व मैत्रीला काय काम करता येईल याची चाचपणी करण्याचा आमचा प्रयत्न आहे. तिथे मदतकार्यात असलेल्या काही स्वयंसेवकांकडून कळलेल्या माहितीनुसार काही भागामध्ये पुराने घरे उद्धवस्त केल्यामुळे छावण्यांतून घरी गेलेले लोक परत छावण्यात परत येत आहेत. वायनाड जिल्ह्यात पूर परिस्थिती नसली तरी भूसखलनामुळे आदिवासींची घरे व जमिनी गेल्या आहेत. स्थानिक स्वयंसेवकांना सोबत घेऊन आम्ही वायनाड, थिस्सूर, पालक्कड, कोची या परिसरात जाण्याचा आमचा विचार आहे."* ...

२७ ऑगस्ट २०१८ “मैत्री” - केरळ पूरग्रस्त सहाय्य कार्यक्रम - वृत्तांत दुसरा

"मैत्री" ची अनुभवी टीम केरळात पोचून तिथल्या स्थानिक संस्थांबरोबर संपर्क करून नुकसानीचा नेमका अंदाज (लोकांची अडचण काय, गरज काय, कुठे) घेण्याचं काम करते आहे.. ते आत्ता पलक्कड जिल्ह्यात असून थ्रिसूर मधील चेल्लाकुडीला निघाले आहेत.

प्रत्येक नैसर्गिक संकटाचं स्वत:चं वेगळेपण असतं. ते देखील ते संकट कुठे आलं आहे आणि कधी झालं आहे ह्यावरही गोष्टी बदलतात. उदाहरणार्थ : भूकंप असेल तर हाडांचे शल्यविशारद लागतात, चक्रीवादळात घरांचं नुकसान होतं, अचानक पूर (flash flood) असेल तर जिवीतहानी होते, महापूरात लोकांना तात्पुरत्या निवासात हलवावं लागतं, तिथे "स्वच्छता, शौचालयं" अशा गरजा असतात..

केरळात आत्ता ह्या क्षणी पाणी ओसरल्यामुळे लोकांना आपापल्या घराची काळजी असल्यानं ते तात्पुरत्या निवासातून पुन्हा गावात गेले आहेत. साफसफाई करत आहेत. आपल्या चीजवस्तू शोधत आहेत.. छोटी मुलं, म्हातारे, महिला मात्र तात्पुरत्या निवासात आहेत. आता थोड्याच दिवसात साथीचे, त्वचेचे रोग सुरू होतील. त्यावर लक्ष ठेवलं पाहिजे.. केरळात काही ठिकाणी पुराबरोबर भू-स्खलन (land slides) झाल्याचंही "मैत्री"चं निरीक्षण आहे. आत्ता “मैत्री”च्यासमवेत स्थानिक कार्यकर्ते आहेत. त्यांच्याशिवाय काही करता येणार नाही. नुसतं धावत धावत जाऊन काहीतरी "टाकून" (dump) येणं चुकीचं ठरेल असं त्यांनी ठरवलं आहे.

केरळातील एक-दोन किंवा जशी ताकद असेल तशी थोडी दुर्लक्षित पण निसर्गानं भीषण तांडव घातलेली गावं निवडून तिथे थोड्या लांब पल्ल्याचं पुनर्वसनाचं काम करावं अशी "मैत्री" ची योजना आहे...

२८ ऑगस्ट २०१८ “मैत्री” - केरळ पूरग्रस्त सहाय्य कार्यक्रम - वृत्तांत तिसरा
नेनमारा पंचायत मधील चेरूमकाडू गावात “मैत्री” ची टीम पोचली.. ह्यागावातील उन्नीकृष्णन, गंगाधर आणि मणिकंदन ह्या तिघांच्या घरावर १६ ऑगस्टच्या पहाटे त्यांच्या घरामागे असलेला अख्खा डोंगरच कोसळला. त्या डोंगरावर जरा रबराची झाडं असल्यानं मातीचा डोंगर त्यामानानं कमी जोरानं आला. परंतु त्यांची घरं लाल मातीच्या चिखलात पूर्णपणे दबली. एकूण दहा जण मृत्यूमुखी पडले, फक्त तिघे वाचले. एक गंगाधर, जो जवळच्या हॉस्पिटलात उपचार घेतो आहे. त्याची बायको आणि मुलगी घराबाहेर जोरात धावले आणि वाचले.

अशाच कथा सर्वत्र आहेत.

गावातली सगळी माणसं शाळेत हलवण्यात आली होती. शाळा म्हणजे तात्पुरता निवारा बनवला होता. काही दिवस शाळेत राहिल्यावर आता माणसं घराकडे परतू लागली आहेत. सध्या लोक दिवसभर आपल्या घरापाशी जातात. जितकं जमेल तितकं साफ करतात. काही चीजवस्तू मिळताहेत का ते पहातात आणि रात्री आपल्या तात्पुरत्या निवासात (रिलीफ कॅंम्प) परत येतात.

स्थानिक भाषा येते अशा “मित्रांसोबत” “मैत्री” ची टीम काम करते आहे. अजून थोड्याच वेळात “मैत्री” जरा लांब पल्ल्याचं काय काम करता येईल ते ठरवेल.. सोबत दोन फोटो… एक भू-स्खलनाचा आणि दुसरं एका मुलानं त्या दिवशीच्या पुराचं काढलेलं चित्रं… किती बोलकं चित्रं आहे पहा...

२८ ऑगस्ट २०१८ “मैत्री” - केरळ पूरग्रस्त सहाय्य कार्यक्रम - वृत्तांत चौथा
चला, घराकडे परत चला.

“मैत्री” टीम थ्रिसूर जिल्ह्यातील माला मंडलातील कुळ्ळुर गावात पोचली. तिथले स्थानिक मनोज (गाईड) आणि कार्यकर्ता गौतम ह्यांच्याबरोबर त्यांनी भेटीगाठी सुरू केल्या. कुळ्ळूर हे गाव चेल्लाकुडी नदीवर वसलं आहे. पूर आला तेंव्हा ह्याच नदीचं पात्र फुगून ते सुमारे ५ किलोमीटर्स पसरलं. २५,००० लोकवस्ती असलेल्या ह्या गावात ५,००० लोक भयानकपणे बाधीत झाले आहेत. त्यांची सुटका करून त्यांना ३ तात्पुरत्या निवासात (रिलीफ कॅम्प) हलवलं गेल होतं. साधारण तीन ते चार पुरुष पाणी चढलं होतं.

“आम्ही तिथे पोचलो तेंव्हा दुपारची वेळ होती. लोक कॅम्प मधून आपल्या घरापाशी येऊन काय काय शिल्लक उरलंय ते पहात होते.” विनिता, मैत्री स्वयंसेवक पुढे म्हणाली “त्या कॅम्पमध्ये त्यांना खायला मिळतं आहे. त्यांना घर साफ करायला साहित्य मिळतं आहे आणि सरकार त्यांना काही जीवनावश्यक गोष्टी देऊन त्यांनी त्यांच्या त्यांच्या घरात परत जावं अशा प्रयत्नात आहे.”

पिण्याच्या पाण्याचा मोठा प्रश्न आहे कारण विहिरी गाळानं भरल्या आहेत. त्या साफ करून घेण्याचं “मैत्री”नी ठरवलं आहे. तसंच वस्ती पातळीवर सामुहिकपणे जेवण्याची सोय (कम्युनिटी किचन) सुरू करावं असा विचार आहे म्हणजे लोकांचं जास्तीत जास्त लक्ष आपापली घरं साफ करणं आणि पुन्हा जीवन पूर्वपदाला आणण्यावर राहील. फार मोठ्या प्रमाणावर गुरं मरून पडली आहेत. त्यांना उचलणे आणि साफ करणे ही कामं करण्यासाठी “मैत्री” स्थानिक लोकांना मदत करते आहे..

विहिरी साफ करण्यासाठी सध्या “मैत्री” ला एक पाणी उपसण्याचा पंप घ्यायचा आहे. ( रूपये १८,०००) तसंच तिथलं कम्युनिटी किचन चालवायला (इथे धान्य मिळतं आहे, उपलब्ध आहे) काही खर्च येणार आहे. सध्या तरी कामाचा हाच फोकस आहे. बाकी काही असेल तर कळवत राहूच.. 

Dhadak Mohim 2018

The news of the onset of monsoon every year is invariably accompanied by news of increased infant deaths in Melghat. The pathos of the tragedy hits us when we read the statistics but gets lost in the hectic pace of our own lives.  At this very critical juncture, the group of volunteers at “Maitri” is intensely busy planning the Dhadak Mohim at Melghat and the phones start ringing to find out more about this initiative.

This year from 20th July to 30th September, 2018 Maitri’s volunteers will launch, yet again, its annual Dhadak Mohim initiative. We will be working with Korku people in 10 remote villages of Melghat from Chikaldhara block. In 2018 our volunteers are determined to achieve their mission of not allowing a single infant death to occur in the three monsoon months. Our plan is to enlist the help of 10 groups of volunteers with 10 volunteers in each group totaling to a total of 110 volunteers. Our target this year is to also involve as many local Melghat youth as possible in this initiative to work alongside the Maitri volunteers.

It is truly unfortunate that in a developed state like Maharashtra, 65 years after independence, we continue to witness infants and children deaths in Melghat caused by lack of primary healthcare to treat common everyday ailments. While the Government is certainly accountable for solutions, we as responsible citizens of the state can certainly contribute our mite towards alleviating the tragedy. Efficient Government processes augmented by alert and timely volunteering could significantly avert infant deaths and reduce infant mortality in a big way. Health education with a mission to reduce infant mortality is the mantra for our Dhadak Mohim.

We invite you to the Maitri Dhadak Mohim volunteering opportunity. We will collaborate with the village people, protect them from communicable diseases and put brakes on malnutrition and infant deaths.

You could provide invaluable support by helping us in many different ways:

Just your good wishes alone would also go a long way in encouraging and helping us go further....

Contact: Maitri Office (02025450882/ 8605914086), Rameshwar Phad (9404103706), Dr. Abhijit Kasture (9970547016),  Raju Kendre (7066136624),  Rushi Andhalkar (9423788541)

For Online Registration and more details, visit the blog Blog - Dhadak Mohim 2018 for more details 


धडक मोहीम वेळापत्रक  

घरातून निघणे > मेळघाटात पोहोचणे >  मेळघाटहून परत निघणे 

२०/०७/२०१८  >  २१/०७/२०१८    >   २९/०७/२०१८

२७/०७/२०१८  >  २८/०७/२०१८    >   ०५/०८/२०१८ 

०३/०८/२०१८   >  ०४/०८/२०१८   >   १२/०८/२०१८ 

१०/०८/२०१८   >  ११/०८/२०१८   >   १९/०८/२०१८ 

१७/०८/२०१८   >  १८/०८/२०१८   >   २६/०८/२०१८ 

२४/०८/२०१८   >  २५/०८/२०१८   >   ०२/०९/२०१८ 

३१/०८/२०१८   >  ०१/०९/२०१८   >   ०९/०९/२०१८ 

०७/०९/२०१८   >  ०८/०९/२०१८   >   १६/०९/२०१८ 

14/०९/२०१८   >  १५/०९/२०१८   >   २३/०९/२०१८ 

२१/०९/२०१८   >  २२/०९/२०१८   >   ३०/०९/२०१८ 


'Maitri' Annual Program & 'Indradhanu 2018' Publication

शनिवार १४ जुलै २०१८ या दिवशी  'मैत्री' चा वार्षिक कार्यक्रम सुंदर रितीने संपन्न झाला.  एस. जोशी सभागृह, नवी पेठ, पुणे या ठिकाणी सायंकाळी ६ वाजता कार्यक्रमासा सुरुवात झाली.

या वर्षी या कार्यक्रमाकरता बाहेरील मान्यवर आमंत्रित नव्हते.
मैत्रीचीच अनिल शिदोरे, मुकुंद केळकर, शिरिष जोशी, अशोक धिकार, काळू बेठेकर, ओंकार भोपळे ई. मंडळी व्यासपीठावर विराजमान होती.
अनिल शिदोरे यांनी मैत्रीची गेली २१ वर्षे कशी गेली आणि पुढे काय काय करायचे आहे या संदर्भाने आपले म्हणणे मांडले आणि एकंदरित कार्यक्रमाचे सुत्र संचालनही केले.

मैत्रीचे अ-नियतकालीक इंद्रधनूचे प्रकाशन ही यावेळेस करण्यात आले. Indradhanu Jul 2018  या दुव्यावर ते पाहता येईल. 

मुकुंद केळकरांनी रक्तदान नेत्रदान आणि पावसाच्या पाण्याला जमिनीत मुरवणे ह्या तीन गोष्टी काळाची गरज बनल्या आहेत आणि त्या संदर्भात प्रत्येकाने आपापल्या पातळीवर कार्य करणे गरजेचे आहे असे प्रतिपादन केले.

जयुताईंनी आभार प्रदर्शन केले आणि नेहेमी प्रमाणे माधवी केळकर हिने सुरेल आवाजात गायलेल्या पसायदानाने कार्यक्रमाची सांगता झाली.


Maitri Shala - Science & Maths

In January 2018, Maitri conducted 3 day workshop of 'Science with Fun' in Melghat. Some of the glimpses of this fun are available on

We concluded the workshop by doing planning for a Yearlong project of 'Teaching Science to Ashramshala children with help of volunteers'.

The main objective of this project is

Ashram School at Jarida village of Melghat has been selected for this. The project outline is somewhat like this

The pilot batch for this project was conducted from 15th-16th March 2018. It was a team led by an active Maitri volunteer Omkar Bhopale (Aeronautical Engineer), along with 3 other volunteers, Shatakshi Gawade (Journalist), Rahul Sakhare (Electronics Engineer) and Apoorva Safai (Biomedical Engineer). The details can be seen in

We need young enthusiastic volunteers for this project who can get associated with Melghat tribal children. Every month at least 4 volunteers are required. Please contact Omkar Bhopale (98233 03065) for more details. We will shortly annouce the yearly schedule for you.

The yearly schedule for the program is as below. Book your days and be part of a wonderful experience.

Jul 2018 - 18 to 21                      Aug 2018 - 8 to 11                           Sep 2018 - 5 to 8

Oct 2018 - 3 to 6                        Nov 2018 - 28 to 1                           Dec 2018 - 26 to 29

Jan 2019 - 25 to 28                     Feb 2019 - before MahaShivratri          Mar 2019 - before Holi

We need volunteers for Nov onwards. Please contact Omkar Bhopale (98233 03065) if you wish to participate as volunteer.

The details of this project are available in power point presentation format here -

Be A Change Maker. Be Maitri Volunteer.

Runathon of Hope - Half marathon by Rotary Club Nigdi

For past two years, young boys and girls from Melghat are coming to Pune to participate in 'Runathon of Hope', (half marathon) conducted by Rotary Club, Nigdi. "Maitri" a Pune based voluntary organization which works in Melghat is coordinating with these boys and girls.
We feel happy to share that few of them achieved good ranks in the Runathon last year. Two of them also got jobs in Forest Department due to their running skill.
This year 14 boys and girls are coming to Pune to particiate in the runathon in February 2018. Like every year, Tata Motors is making arrangements for their stay, diet, training and practice. However their travel, purchase of tracksuits & shoes is going to cost Rs 5500/- per person. Maitri needs to raise funds for this cause from sports loving friends like you.
We request you to extend some help towards this cause. We would be grateful to you if you can circulate this among your circles.

'Science with Fun' Workshop in Melghat

Ravindra and Sarita Godbole recently conducted a science workshop in Melghat. Both are parents of AksharNandan school in Pune and have also taken training from Arvind Gupta regarding 'science for kids'. Let's know more about the fun they have done with Melghat children, from their own words. 

'Maitri' arranged a workshop 'Science with Fun' in 4 school of Melghat from 4 to 7 Jan 2018. Some basic concepts of science were demonstrated through simple experiments with the help of material of day-to-day use. Each school had a 2 hours session in which 20 to 25 small science activities/ experiments were demonstrated. A few of them were performed by children by their own. Concepts like Air Pressure, Light, Colour, Sound and Energy Generation were discussed. The activities were fun for students up to 5th standard and it provided a platform to understand the science concepts for students of higher class.

Some glimpse of the workshop is available on 

On the last day, 3 hour session was conducted for local 'Village Coordinators' (Gavmitra) where they understood the experiemnts and performed the same. Detailed discussion was held with them about how to demonstrate experiments, how to search things from surroundings and conduct the experiments and lastly the importance of taking notes and writing observations. 


Special Thanks to Ram, Ashok, Ramesh and Ashwini for their help.

Next Steps

  1. Workshop for teachers of 7th to 10th standard - 2/3 days
  2. Training of Gavmitra and Planning of Activities for them
  3. Hands-on for Students

- Ravindra Godbole, Sarita Godbole


Presentation : “The Rule of Law: Social change and wildlife conservation in Melghat”

“The Rule of Law: Social change and wildlife conservation in Melghat”

One of Maitri’s volunteers, Daniel J. Read, is a PhD candidate in the University of Georgia and the topic of his research looks at social justice and wildlife conservation. Dan has carried out most of his research in the forests of Melghat and Tadoba. This research included interviews and discussions with local people.

Dan will be sharing his findings on above topic with us. His presentation will be followed by discussions.

Well known scientist and ecologist Dr. Madhav Gadgil is going to chair this presentation.

All interested are cordially invited. 

Event : 11thh Dec 2017 (Monday) 6 to 8 pm.

Venue : Indradhanushya Hall, Opposite Sachin Tendular Jogging Track, Anant Kanhere Path, Near Mhatre Brige, Pune 411030



Anand Melava 2017 (Diwali Vacation Camp)- Melghat

For past 3 years we are conducting "आनंद मेळावा" i.e. Diwali Vacation camp in Melghat. Nearly 150-200 children from 10 villages between 6 to 11 age group participate in this. Shool children from Pune/Mumbai, their parents and some teachers go to Melghat as volunteers to conduct this camp.

This yearr, the camp is from 24th to 28th October and volunteers will start on 22nd night from Pune to go to Melghat.

"Learing should be a fun and also enlighten life" - Under this principle, we conduct many parallel and supporting activities with ZP school children of Melghat. This Diwali Vacation camp is one of such activities. It consists of various art & craft activities (drawing, painiting, origami), educational games, songs, short plays, pappet shows, simple experiments in science, collage work, outdoor games and many more....

The camp is conducted at two places at a time for 4 to 5 days. The day starts at 9 with breafast with children followed by some educational games then creating art session followed by lunch, drama/ plays, songs and ends at 5 on ground. Last day, we decorate the camp place with various artfacts made by children during camp.

Many friends and well wisher provide food grains, money, donations in kind for this workshop. Every year it get imense energy and encouragement from this camp. Would you like to experience it? Come to Melghat after this Diwali.

Newpaper Collection Drive 1 st Oct 2017

Maitri raises funds for all programs from people through various ways. ‘रद्दीतून सद्दी’ i.e. ‘Fund Raising through Old News Paper’ is one of such fund-raising activity by which anyone can participate and contribute. Maitri has raised more than 20 L through old newspaper in past 12 years.

We had a big drive of Newspaper collection on 2nd Oct 2016 in which we had approached around 110 housing societies in Pune. The appeal was to donate household Newspaper collection for a month to Maitri. We collected it on 2nd Oct and raised approximately 2.5 L by selling it.Hear more details from Maharashtra Darpan News Channel

Few societies showed interest to donate Raddi every month. As of now 15 societies are contributing regularly every month in this activity.

Like last year we are going to do Raddi Collection on 1st Oct Sunday as Melghat Fund Raising activity. Last year we approached nearly 110 housing societies. We have started communication with those again. We need volunteers for this activity at various locations? Would you like to become a volunteer?

Do you want to start Raddi Collection in your housing society?

Run for Maitri.....

Harshad Pendse from Pune, a dedicated Marathon runner and a sensitive volunteer of Maitri since 2011. This year he thought of a very innovative idea for raising fund for Melghat work. He made an appeal on Facebook and Mayboli about it. Sharing his own words.

I have registered myself for "Khardung La challenge" (72 km) which is scheduled on 9th Sep 2017 at Ladakh. I am dedicating this run to Maitri, an NGO that works in Melghat a tribal area in Amaravati district of Maharashtra. Maitri is in need for funds to keep their programs in hand operational. I have personally visited Melghat while volunteering for Maitri and appeal all of you to donate generously for the nobel cause. I intend to have minimum 72 donors who will donate minimum 1000 rupees to Maitri.....

So far 70 plus people have responded to his appeal and the total donation to Maitri through his drive has reached Rs 1.5 lakh plus. Harshad, "Maitri" is proud of volunteers like you !

Trash into Cash

Friends of Maitri are all over the world. A friend in USA heard about 'Old Newspaper Collection Drive' of Maitri and decided to do something similar in her area. Her son and some friends came together and worked out a plan. They donated the amount received to Maitri. She has shared about this drive as below.

Hello Friends!

We are so grateful dear friends for your generous monetary and CANS donations to make our project “Trash into Cash” first attempt a big success.

We (Me and Ishan - a third year student at Ravenwood High School) are implementing a service project we are calling "Trash into Cash". This initiative aims to sponsor children in rural India so that they can receive a basic education in their primary years.

Our first thought was to simply support by donating cash but Ishan and I decided that we wanted to get our community involved with us. Together we can make a tremendous impact with small acts of generosity!

We are collecting USED CANS (aluminum or other) and will convert these into cash. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization called Maitri (friendship) based in India. Its volunteers are some of my close friends and we are confident that the donations are in good hands. Please click on the link for more information about the organization (  

We would appreciate any help from you. Your kind donations are greatly appreciated as well. We can collect the cans from your home. Please let us know what works best.

We are so thankful for your generosity and are excited to witness the change we can make alongside with you.

Wishing you happy Holidays!

Ishan and Leena

Dhadak Mohim 2017

Dhadak Mohim in 2017 started from 22nd Jul.

"Dhadak Mohim is a life time experience for us" - this is the first sentence we hear from Dhadak Mohim volunteer.

Remote villages in Melghat, volunteers coming from many odd places all over Maharashtra, the green and calm nature....

Working with people who have different culture, who speak different language, who have different beliefs than yours.....

Visiting each household, giving medicines, doing councelling and so many things which one has never done before....

One can write many lines on these 7 days but when you experience it yourself then only you will get the real insight. So be part of it by joining as volunteer for this year. Read out for more details.


Our Language, Our Books and Our Library

In Melghat like tribal areas, children and teachers always face problem related to understanding of language. Geographically Melghat is in Maharashtra hence Marathi is the medium of teaching in the schools. All the prescribed books are in state language-Marathi, but mother tongue of ‘Korku’ tribe is ‘Korku’ named language without script. They do speak in Hindi as their neighbouring state is Madhya Pradesh. It becomes very difficult for the children in primary schools to understand and learn new language in the very beginning of school. Children do not get attracted towards books and do not take any interest in reading the books. Learning unknown language in Schools, and going through, or observing irrelevant pictures and topics is boring for them. If they see or even listen to stories based on their day to day routine, pictures drawn and sketches based on festivals, forest or animals then they can easily relate to their own experiences.

The book full of pictures and drawings, easy to understand even at primary level, was not available. Up to 2014 a single- bilingual book was not available for the children in Melghat. (Marathi and Korku) Mulgami publication, under the guidance of acclaimed Consultant in Education, Ms. Varsha Saharabuddhe, with the help of Tata Trust, prepared few books for Bhill and Pawra’s of Nadurbar district.

Taking inspiration and help from the same resource, “MAITRI” brought in a set of three books of nine stories in Marathi and Korku.  At the time Diwali vacation, books were distributed to all the Children in the camp, their reactions and expressions were very special. Looking at the enthusiastic welcome for the books, thought of bringing many bilingual books for them is very necessary. But there is limitation of funds for publishing more such books.

Along with the bilingual books, idea of ‘Book Bank’ has been implemented in five villages. Volunteers of ‘Mayboli’ and few volunteers from Mumbai helped for Book Bank. A Box full of books and few periodicals has been made available for children and youngsters. These books are in Marathi -Hindi and English. Our local worker known as ‘Gavmitra’ maintains a record of books. The next step is towards weekly book reading in the group. The idea is, in that group, younger children in the village will listen to stories read or told for them by elder children. Eventually they will discuss news items from the newspapers and thus ‘culture of reading’ can be inculcated.

100 Days School

"100 Days school" is a symbolic concept used in education. Many a times running a regular school becomes difficult. But children at particular age can pick up certain abilities and then continue their formal education in lesser time. Concept of school for 100 days, has been initiated particularly for the children of migrant workers like sugarcane cutters or for the children of brick kiln workers. In village Padsare in district Raigad, a 100 day’s school was opened. In the premises of various Sugarcane factories, “Sakharshala” named schools were opened for the children of sugarcane cutters in Maharashtra. That experiment was conducted by Jnana Prabodhini Pune. On similar basis, “MAITRI"volunteers decided to run a 100 day’s school for children in Melghat.

Many children are unable to go to school, or drop out of school due to various reasons. For them bringing back to school is very difficult task. “MAITRI” volunteers came across many such school drop outs in Melghat and decided to bring them back to main stream education through 100 days school. With the help of volunteers, one residential 100 day’s school was started in Melghat. In village Chilhati in Melghat, MAITRI runs a training centre and office. For 32 Girls and 10 Boys the school was started on 10 December 2011 to 3 March 2012.Total 42 children were between the age group of 8 to 12 years.

42 children were placed in 4 different groups depending upon their language and mathematical abilities. The aim was to teach basic concepts of language and mathematics. With the help of many teachers curriculum was designed. Training for the volunteers going for 100 day’s school was organised. It was regarding content and methods of teaching. Every week 4 to 5 volunteers were going to Melghat and stayed there with children. Two workers were full timers and coordinated the activity.

Total 52 volunteers ranging from 18 to 62 years with different educational backgrounds, self employed and even professionals, businessmen, house wives worked as teachers. They have contributed for their travel and stay in Melghat and have contributed with their skills and time, a very valuable resource.

Being a residential school, morning to night timetable and activities were well chalked out and even shared with all the volunteers. Routine was set with healthy habits and even nutritious food was provided at fixed intervals. Creative activities, sports, songs and story-telling sessions were planned. After every 15 days children were send home for holiday.

Learning for children:

After 100 Day’s School- learning for “MAITRI”

It was very difficult while running the residential school even for 100 days. But more difficult task was future of education of these children. 40 children needed help to take admissions in Ashram School (residential school) and “Maitri” to review their progress from time to time was the learning for the team of volunteers engaged in the activity.

Based on above learning “MAITRI-School” was the activity designed and conducted for Melghat-Education.

Educational Aids Making Workshop - Maitri & TIETO

२०१२ मध्ये सप्टेंबर महिन्याच्या प्रारंभी पुण्यातील Tieto या कंपनीच्या लोकांबरोबर "मैत्री"ने एक वेगळा उपक्रम केला. या कंपनीतील  "श्री हर्षल असलेकर" हे आपले स्वयंसेवक आहेत. मंगळवार बैठकीत कमला नेहरू उद्यानात आले असताना त्यांनी सांगितले की त्याच्या कंपनीमधील ६०-७० जणांचा गट मैत्रीकरता काही मदत करू इच्छितो.  नुसती आर्थिक मदत करण्यापेक्षा काही काम करण्यात त्यांना विशेष रस होता. त्यादृष्टीने एक दिवसात काय करता येईल असा विचार करताना एक कल्पना पुढे आली की आपण शैक्षणिक साधने या गटाच्या मदतीने बनवू शकतो ज्यांचा "मैत्री शाळा" उपक्रमात उपयोग करता येईल.
शनिवार १ सप्टेंबर २०१२ या दिवशी सकाळी ९:३० ते दुपारी ४:०० अशी ही कार्यशाळा आपण घेतली. मैत्रीच्या वतीने अश्विनी धर्माधिकारी व शोभा केळकर यांनी कार्यशाळेची आखणी केली होती. भाषा व गणित यामधील मूलभूत कौशल्ये शिकवण्याकरता खालील साधने आपण या कार्यशाळेत बनवली.

१. डॉमिनो कार्ड - मोजणी, अंकज्ञान याकरता
२. डॉट कार्ड - मोजणी, अंकज्ञान याकरता
३. दशक एकक संकल्पना पत्ते
४. कमी जास्त (फरक) संकल्पना पट्ट्या
५. मूळाक्षर पत्ते
६. शब्द शिड्या
७. बाराखडी चिन्हे
८. चित्र व शब्द जोड पत्ते
९. मूळाक्षर घरे
१०. शब्द पत्ते

मेळघाटातील ३ शाळांना पुरेशी होतील इतकी साधने या दिवशी आपण बनवू शकलो.  
१०० दिवसांच्या शाळेत शिकवण्याकरता गेलेले मयूर भावे, सुनील कुलकर्णी, मधुरा खाडे, प्राची कुलकर्णी, श्रद्धा केळकर आणि विद्या चिकटे मदतीला आले होते. तसेच सचिन पूर्णवेळ आणि वैशाली, मधू काही वेळ मदतीला होते. Tieto कंपनी चे ५० ते ६० जण या कार्यशाळेत सहभागी झाले. काही आपल्या कुटुंबीयांसमवेत आले होते.  अतिशय उत्साहाने, चिकाटीने नवीन कल्पना व सर्जनशीलता वापरून मंडळी दिवसभर काम करत होती.

कार्यशाळा संपताना Tieto मधील श्री मंगेश शिंदे म्हणाले की "खूप दिवसांनी असे काहीतरी हाताने वस्तू बनवण्याचे काम आम्ही केले. मेळघाटातील शैक्षणिक कामात छोट्या स्वरूपात आम्हाला सहभागी होता आले याचा आनंद वाटतो."  अनेकांनी आपल्या भावना व्यक्त करताना म्हटले की मुलांना शिकवण्याकरता ही साधने आम्ही बनवली पण ती बनवत असताना आम्हालाच खूप काही शिकता आले आणि खूप आनंद मिळाला. सुट्टीचा दिवस अशा कामाकरता आपण देवू शकलो याबद्दल खूप समाधान वाटते आहे.

या कार्यशाळेचा संपूर्ण खर्च व साहित्याचा खर्च Tieto ने केला. मेळघाटात चिलाटी येथे मुलांकरता वाचनालय सुरु करण्यासाठी पुस्तके व कपाट यासाठी त्यांनी देणगी दिली. तसेच मैत्रीच्या ग. रा. पालकर शाळेच्या कामासाठीही त्यांनी मदत केली आहे. ९ सप्टेंबर ला या शाळेच्या मुलांना फुलगाव व वढू तुळापुर येथे नेण्याकरता त्यांनी कंपनीची बस दिली होती.

"शैक्षणिक साधने बनवण्याच्या" या कार्यशाळेमुळे "मैत्री" ला लोकांना सहभागी करून घेण्याचा एक नवा मार्ग मिळाला आहे. मेळघाटातील उपक्रमात  सहभागी होवू शकत नसलेल्या अनेकांना यातून कामाची संधी मिळणार आहे.अशा अनेक कार्यशाळा दरवर्षी घेता आल्या तर खूप मदत होईल. याची सुरुवात Tieto कडून झाली याबद्दल हर्षल असलेकर व त्यांच्या सर्व सहकाऱ्यांना मनःपूर्वक धन्यवाद.