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Maitri in Emergency Maitri Education - Palkar School, Pune  Radditun Saddi 

Maitri in Emergency

Other than Melghat Maitri is also known for its work in Emergencies. There are many situation of natural disasters when Maitri vonteers were among the first to reach the disaster location. We start the Primary relief work immediately. But our speciality lies in the rehabiliation work at very remote location where help is not reached through other sources.

Till now, Maitri has providedhelping hand during following disaster situations.



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: Gujrat Earthquake and Tsunami

: Work of Maitri in Emergency
Maitri Education - Palkar School, Pune

Ga. Ra. Palkar is a non aided school in KarveNagar Pune. The students coming to the school are typically from backward economic class and do not get much guidance from their home. Maitri volunteers are conducting Coaching classes for Maths, Science and English here. We call these classes as "Parallel Coaching Claases" and are run for the students of 5th to 8th standard student who cannot go with the pace of teaching in the regukar school classes. They lack behind, which intern creates dislike and/or fear about subject and it keeps on growing. Here in Parallel Classes we try to teach such students separately to remove the fear from their minds and develop interest.

We started this activity in 2012 and thus this is 5th year now. The students who earlier used to give a blank answer paper during exams now attempt many questions and try to solve. The teachers of respective subject see change in their understanding and efforts. These are some measures for success of our work in these 5 years.

The volunteers conducting coaching this year are

Maths 5th Std - Vinayak Gogate 
Maths 6th Std - Tushar Kasarekar 
Maths 7th Std - Suhas Kalekar
Maths 8th Std - Rekha Kasarekar  
English 8th Std - Sandhya Kanetkar 

We need more volunteers for this activity. If you are good in English, Maths or Science and are comfortable with studnets of 10 -14 age group then you can come for coaching. There is no need to have prioor teaching experience. Houswewives, Retired professional, Senior Citizens, College Students anyone who is interested in teahcing is welcome here. One needs to give committement of 3 hours per week for the entire educational year. 


For more details please contact Archana Gogate on 9922423833.


14/07/2017: Ga. Ra. Palkar School Photos 2017-2018

School Building and Volunteers conducting parallel coaching classed in 2017-2018

Radditun Saddi

Since last 12 years, MAITRI volunteers are raising funds with the help of old newspapers collected from thousands of families and few offices in Pune. Unwanted old newspapers stack and occupy the place in the house, so it is easy for people to commit for their donation in the form of old newspapers.

By word of mouth this idea got picked up by many people residing in different residential complex, at various locations in Pune. In any society, volunteer or group of residents take up this activity for their society. Then in a formal meeting with the Chairman or Secretary of the Residential Society, purpose of the newspaper collection drive is described. Volunteer of MAITRI explains the basic idea of collecting bundles of newspapers and money raised through selling of newspaper. All the money goes to MAITRI accounts and the receipt is given on the name of the society.

After getting the permission to put up the notice on the board about collection drive, well in advance the notice is send to the society’s office. Volunteers from the society, follow the residents, and even supervise the process. After an hour or half the newspaper bundles get collected in parking area of each building or in the club house. The volunteer from the society then calls up the person to pick up the bundles to depot. Sunday morning time is fixed and tempo drivers or Raddi depot owners in particular area take the responsibility of weighing and calculating the amount raised after selling the lot.        

The amount is collected by the volunteer and deposited by MAITRI office and the receipt of MAITRI is issued in the name of the society.This process is set after many experiments in different areas. Accepting the delay for collection, or change in timing, holiday or strike of Tempo, volunteers work accordingly and get the work done.

Dedication of few volunteers- and  commitment of residents are the very important factors in making this idea workable and even proved very successful for raising the funds for MAITRI. Regularity and sincere efforts of volunteers are very important in making this MAITRI activity as Societies important event.

Activity started in 2006, from raising Rs.20/- after selling newspapers from one society. Gradually this activity became systematic and today we are depositing not less than Rs.10,000/- from a society. Every month 8 to 9 societies give their old Newspapers to MAITRI, to sell and raise money for different programs in Melghat.

In last 10/12 years MAITRI could raise more than Rs. 24,74,444 simply by selling old Newspapers. Last year MAITRI conducted a huge drive in the city and raised Rs. 2,75,799 on a Sunday. Thousands of families, few schools, offices, are connected to MAITRI in this activity. Residents engaged in this activity say that “MAITRI gives opportunity of volunteering for a noble cause and even chance to meet their own neighbours on Sunday morning. It becomes enjoyable because it takes only an hour and that too once a month”.

Media Coverage

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Raddi Collection Drive in news coverage by Maharashtra Darpan News Pune https://youtu.be/3mSlgchWc58

: Raddi Collection 2 Oct 2016